Building on 10 years experience in high quality studio production, the new Dreamworld studio is branching out into top quality mobile recording and/or recording and mixing at our new headquarters in Fishguard.

The new Dreamworld Mobile StudioThe new mobile studio

Mobile recording at the highest level, we are probably the only company in the UK that takes a full 24 channel TL Audio valve console to location. this means that we can accommodate all studio based facilities ie. top notch microphone amps, multiple headphone mixes and other foldback. combined with the ultra reliable soundscape 32 recorder/editor and a superb collection of microphones this package will record your music at the highest quality at your chosen location. we also take up to 40 acoustic blocks to build temporary walls or acoustic chambers if required.

The studio at our Fishguard headquarters

Located in a farmhouse 1 mile outside of Fishguard the new studio comprises of a control room and a live room. due to the new mobile nature of our equipment we can use either room for recording or mixing. acoustic music, narration work and radio commercials would be typically recorded in the smaller room, while bands etc would record in the bigger room.


We will now quote to your individual requirements. generally we charge in the region of £200 +vat per day and £0.50 per mile for travelling to location. please email or phone with your requirements.

01348 891261